Summer Special! receive 10% off Orders of 2 or more items. use Promo code: 2ormore

Summer Special! receive 10% off Orders of
2 or more items. use Promo code: 2ormore





License Plate Frames

Make Your Vehicle Stand Out of the Crowd with Customized License Frames

Serving thousands of satisfied customers for the last 16 years, Billet Frames was founded with an aim to provide our customers with a high quality customized license frame. We offer personalized billet aluminum frames for your automobiles and motorcycles which can be customized according to your specifications. You can choose from our library that offers hundreds of fonts and logos, or you can use your own design to get the desired frame for your automobile. We offer:

•100% American made solid billet aluminum license frames.

•Customized license plate frames by engraving your text, logos or artwork.

•Long term durability and weather resistant frames which can withstand numerous weather conditions.

•Anodized finish frames are clear coated, sealed with a polymer urethane sealant and carnauba wax.

•Six anodized frame colors (aluminum, black, gray, gold, red or blue) in 10 different frame styles.

Billet frames is a one stop shop for all your requirements related to customized, engraved, trendy and alumni license plate frames. We believe in connecting with the customers by offering them design advice based on their requirements and sharing the mock-up images of your personal designs prior to engraving.

All our license frames are CNC recessed engraved that will never fade. So, next time when you plan to promote your automobile by showcasing your personality, make sure to contact us to get the perfect custom license plate frame.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and we put your vision on your custom license plate frame!

Billet Aluminum Automobile License Plate Frames

Imagine superior laser engraved, fully customized license plate frames at your fingertips, with complete set of accessories to be retro fitted on your beloved vehicle. This is precisely the value brought to the table when it comes to realizing your finesse of style.  Imagine your girl gang requires a custom girly themed license plate frame to accentuate your style, that’s taken care of. Imagine you are a marine and wish to have your country flag engraved on the license plate of your vehicle, that’s taken care of too. Precisely, everything pertaining to tastes and images one can think of can be engraved on the framesand showcased off your vehicles.


All you need to do is choose what to portray in your customized license plate frame. In addition you could also visit the existingonline product range and choose what suits your taste best. In both scenarios youare offered peace of mind in terms of product quality and brand value. In addition, you get a display of a complete range of listed products which can further be customized in accordance to your passion. Thelicense plate frames are works of art which reveal your true inner self in the form of passions fitted to your vehicles. All the necessary accessories to fit the frames onto the vehicles are also provided alongside. You can also choose the materials which the frames are made of to ensure that every bit of the products fit your taste accurately.


So be it pure stainless steel made license plate frames, rhinestone, or pure grade anodized industry grade aluminum, you get to choose all the way through. The motto is to ensure that you get to choose your product and further customize it to suit yourself. Thus license frames need not be boring and cumbersome anymore. Now every vehicle can be given its own set of custom identity and a sturdy license plate security; be a vanity van, a motorcycle, a limousine or a sports coupe.