• Q1. How many characters per line can I engrave?

    View sample auto frames and motorcycle frames to estimate number of characters allowed for a specific font. To receive a maximum character amount for a specific font, please contact us.

  • Q 2. What type of payments do you accept for Custom License Plate Frames?

    We accept all major credit cards including Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, PayPal, money orders, personal checks, concealed cash (US Dollar only). Credit Cards and PayPal are accepted in the following currencies:
    - US Dollar
    - Canadian Dollar
    - Euro
    - Pound Sterling
    - Yen
    - Australian Dollar

  • Q 3. Do you ship license plate frames internationally?

    We ship anywhere the US Post Office delivers to. Only Credit Card or PayPal payments are accepted for payment outside the US.

  • Q 4. Can the frames for the license plates withstand salt and sunlight?

    Our frames are anodized, sealed with a polymer urethane sealant, and waxed to resist road salt and direct sunlight.

  • Q 5. Are there specific care instructions for the license plate frames?

    Use a mild automotive soap to clean and occasionally hand wax. If frames are placed on the front of the vehicle, use a clear protective cover over the frame. Also recommended are the use of stainless or plastic fastening bolts to avoid rust bleed. These covers and fasteners are available at any auto parts store. Included with each frame are nylon washers to be placed between the screw head and the frame.

  • Q 6 Can I mix and match fonts and colors?

    You may select up to two fonts and two colors per each frame. Specify in the special instructions box which characters receive a specific font or color. Contact us if you are interested in a combination of three or more fonts and colors.

  • Q 7. Can I use both upper case (capital) and lower case (small) letters?

    Both can be used. When lower case letters are used, the text is smaller and is less visible. This is more evident with true line fonts. When using the lower case (small) letters g j p q y, all character sizes must be reduced in size to keep all text line centered.

  • Q 8. I want two lines on my frame, which of the four lines do I enter the text on the order page?

    For a "Two Line" frame, use lines one and two." Three Line" frames use lines one, two, and three. In the special instructions box, specify if you want the two lines on top or bottom for "Three Line" frames.

  • Q 9. Can I only order online?

    You can order online or call in your order at (262) 250-1500. Credit card orders are also accepted over the phone.

  • Q 10. Do you offer club/volume discounts for license plate frames?

    We offer discounts on quantities of 5 or more items. Contact us for price quote.

  • Q 11. Do you guarantee your work?

    Billet Frames guarantees 100% satisfaction. A product exchange or a full refund will be offered.